Start Your Own T Shirt Business

Would You Like to Start your Very Own T Shirt Business? I Have Made it So Easy for you To Get Started By Putting Together A Complete T Shirt Business Package that Has Everything you Will Need To Start your Business.


“Donate” Then  Ask Me Any Business Question And I will Answer

DorothyHello everyone below you will find resources to help you start your very own t-shirt business.  I have included various packages based on what I think the average person would need when trying to get a t shirt business up and running, however, I also know that some of you still need  more individualized help.  Therefore, I have come up with the “concept” of “Donate”.   Donate, and get the specialized help you need.  It works like this.  I will answer any question you have regarding your business need.  All I ask is that you donate.  I am not going to tell you how  much to donate.  Just donate according to your ability to do so, but please be fair.  I sell information for a living and can’t give you information for free, otherwise I would find myself always busy answering questions but never profiting or making enough income to support myself let alone this business.  I do want to help as many of you  to succeed with your t shirt business as I can.  So by allowing you to “Donate”, everyone wins, including me.  So “Donate” and email me the  questions.  you me to answer.  God bless all of you and I wish you much success with your t-shirt  business!


Take a look at just some of the things you will be able to make and sell when you receive your t-shirt business package:

Actual T-Shirt with Custom Photo

Actual T-Shirt with Custom Photo

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In This Section, I Have  Put Together Packages That Includes Everything You Will Possibly Need To Get Your T Shirt Business Up And Running. Please Take a Look at The T Shirt Business Packages  Below And Choose The One That Best Fit Your Needs

tshirtpackagephotoBuy  Complete T Shirt Business with Everything you need to get started including a Heat Press Machines.  “Click Here” for more Information.

Package III: EBook T Shirt Course with Information only

TshirtbusinessbookIf you already have your own heat press machine and you want information only, my EBook is what you need. It’s a Downloadable EBook Course with all the information you will need to guide you along the way. It has a list of wholesale venders for all your supplies and tips on where and how to sell your t-shirts to make “Big Profits”. It will walk you through step-by-step in setting up your very own Word Press website, and how to open a PayPal Account and much, much more. It is packed with all the information you need to get your t-shirt business up and running. Order your EBook Course and gain instant online Access! Click Here”

Package IV: T Shirt Business Supply List

supply list“At a Glance” T-shirt Business Supply List is a guide listing the most popular and preferred wholesale venders for your t-shirt business. It is designed to provide you quick access to suppliers and venders of heat press machines, transfer paper, t-shirts, transfer designs, custom designs and much more “At a Glance”, without having to flip through pages of information. The headings for suppliers are in Bold, large print so that you will be able to locate them quickly and easily. Click Here To Order

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